Get free early access to JitBlox Pro

Get free early access to JitBlox Pro

JitBlox is currently in beta and we are working hard towards our first major milestone, the release of JitBlox 1.0. Check out our roadmap to see in more detail how version 1.0 will make your prototyping experience even better. As always, community involvement is important to us, and that is why we are launching an Early Access program, providing free early access to JitBlox Pro features.

By joining the program, you get access to Pro features for free until the first milestone release, without any obligations and without the need for a credit card. Before we release version 1.0, we will offer you to activate your Pro subscription or to return to the Free plan.

What do I get today with an Early Access (Pro) subscription?

Today, the main difference between the Free and the Pro plan is that you need the Pro plan to keep your projects private. Projects in the Free plan are also visible to anyone else. In addition, every source file generated by JitBlox will include a "generated by JitBlox" header if you use the Free plan. You can get rid of these headers with a Pro subscription.

JitBlox plans and pricing

Coming up: GitHub integration

Currently, the only way to obtain your project's source files is to download them as a zip file. Getting these files under source control requires several additional steps. That's why we're developing integration with GitHub, the world's most used place for developers to store and manage their code. This feature also makes it easier to integrate with platforms like CodeSandbox and Netlify.

GitHub integration with public GitHub repositories will be free for everyone. Integration with private repositories will only be available if you have a Pro subscription.

What's next?

In short, expect more rapid prototyping and better collaboration features. Check out our roadmap to see what's coming next. Priorities may change over time and we cannot provide dates, but we aim to reach our version 1.0 milestone by mid-2024. We encourage you to share your feedback with us, good or bad, by submitting issues or leaving a message on our contact form. This will help us improve JitBlox and refine our roadmap, so please let us know what you think.

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