JitBlox roadmap

This is our current roadmap, which reflects our own thoughts as well as user feedback. The roadmap is subject to change and we always welcome feature requests on our GitHub repository.

We don't give any dates or priorities, but will update this list regularly so that you know what we're working on. Leave your email below if you want to stay informed about important releases. You can support the development of JitBlox by letting us know what you think, suggesting a feature or getting a Pro Subscription.


In progress: Extend the toolbox with wizards that can quickly add elements based on user input and/or a data model. Examples are: a form wizard, a table wizard and a Bootstrap Grid wizard.

Component preview

In progress: The current Live Preview is an all-or-nothing preview which always opens the full application in a new window. We would like to integrate a component-level preview (which should take less space) into the component designer.

Theme editor

More and more CSS libraries (like Bootstrap 5) are making use of custom CSS properties. Users should be able to easily override these and build their own theme.

Always-available previews

The current Live Preview is only available while a designer session is active. Always-available previews stay available after closing the designer so that they can be easily shared with clients.

Project templates

Project templates with the most common application layouts to jump start your project even faster.

JSON or OpenAPI import

If users have an existing data model in the form of a JSON file or OpenAPI specification, they should be able to use these instead of having to redefine the same model in JitBlox. This might also empower developers to build a front-end prototype around their headless CMS.

Custom code support

Allow users to add custom Javascript or TypeScript code to make more sohisticated properties and event handlers or custom CSS to have more control over styling.

Git integration

Push projects to a Git repository such as GitHub instead of downloading them. This would also pave the way for integration with other platforms like CodeSandbox and Netlify.

CSS grid area support

The current CSS grid integration allows for full control over grid layout and placement. However, it does not have the option to define grid areas.

More frameworks, more libraries

JitBlox was designed to also target other frameworks/libraries than Angular. Both Vue.js and React are on top of our list.