Welcome to JitBlox! JitBlox is an online environment that speeds up design and prototyping of component-based web applications. JitBlox lets you build working prototypes without coding and without even leaving your browser, providing a jump start for your next web project.

If you want to read more about component-based web applications and the motivations behind JitBlox, you might want to take a look at the about Jitblox page.


Developing applications with JitBlox doesn't require any programming skills, but you will get the most out of JitBlox if you have some high level familiarity with component based web applications that are typically built with Angular, Vue.js or React. However, you don't need any experience with coding or setting up web projects at all, because that's all taken care of by JitBlox's built-in source code generator. Actually, JitBlox can be a great tool to help you develop your web development skills.

The JitBlox designer

JitBlox increases developer and designer productivity by providing a visual designer and source code generator for component-based web applications that integrates aspects common in modern web apps: HTML templates, viewmodels, data binding, API-calls, routing and, last but not least, reusable components. JitBlox allows you to define all these parts from an easy to use UI, supported by a Live Preview function to show how your app develops in real-time.

The JitBlox designer

So what about the code?

You can download your app's full source code at any time. Or you can get a sneak peek of a specific component's HTML/TypeScript/CSS code by clicking the code icon in the top right of the editor pane.

At this moment, JitBlox only generates Angular code, but we plan to target more frameworks in the future (so keep an eye on our roadmap).