Welcome to JitBlox! JitBlox is an online visual prototyping for single-page-applications (SPA). JitBlox allows you to create a working single-page-application without coding and without even leaving your browser.


While developing applications with JitBlox doesn't require any programming, you will get the most out of JitBlox if you are already familiar with component based web applications, for example using Angular, Vue.js or React.

New to single-page-applications?

If you are new to single-page-applications, there are plenty of online resources to read up about the subject, like this one.

In a nutshell, a single-page application is a web application that works inside a browser and does not require page reloading during use. This is achieved by splitting up a page into parts (components), which are dynamically created and updated using data from the web server. Because writing SPA's would required a lot of coding without them, there is an ever-growing choice of frameworks (like the ones listed above) that make single-page-application developers more productive.

The JitBlox designer

JitBlox boosts developer productivity even further by providing a visual designer and source code generator for single-page-applications, integrating aspects that are common to most SPA-frameworks: HTML templates, viewmodels, data binding, API-calls, routing and components. JitBlox allows you to define all these parts from an easy to use UI, supported by a Live Preview function to show how your app develops in real-time.

The current version of JitBlox targets the Angular framework.

If you want to read more about the motivations behind JitBlox, you may want to take a look at our announcement post.