About JitBlox

Crafting software involves a dynamic and creative journey, often lacking a rigid blueprint. Prototypes serve as essential aids, facilitating effective communication among developers, designers, and stakeholders to clarify requirements. Through prototyping, ideas are tested earlier, iterations are streamlined, leading to the development of superior products.

We'd like to provide a tool that helps developers and tech-savvy designers bootstrap modern web projects with minimal effort and frustration. A visual tool that lets them build working prototypes without coding, using design systems and frameworks that they are familiar with and avoiding vendor lock-in.

JitBlox is an online platform for creating interactive, component-based web apps without coding. Our interactive tool is designed to streamline the creation process, allowing you to quickly develop working prototypes using industry-leading design systems such as Material Design and Bootstrap.

Component-based web applications

A component-based web application (sometimes referred to as single-page-application or SPA) is a type of web application architecture where the user interface is built using reusable, self-contained components. Each component encapsulates a piece of functionality or user interface element, such as a button, form field, or an entire section of a webpage.


You've probably heard developers talk about their favorite web framework such as React, Vue.js or Angular, which are all popular choices for building component-based web applications because they provide tools and patterns for creating, managing, and composing components, making it easier for developers to build complex user interfaces.

Why JitBlox?

Despite the aid of frameworks, the process of setting up, coding, and refining a web application can seem overwhelming, deterring the adoption of prototyping as a viable option during the design phase.


JitBlox offers a solution to this challenge: it optimizes development time by providing a design tool that puts the user's intent first and takes the complexity of coding out of your hands. JitBlox lets you see your app come to life in real time.


  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Integrates industry-leading UI libraries, providing safe configuration of every property and event.
  • A toolbox that lets you discover and configure components and layouts interactively to make them fit your needs.
  • Mock data editing: test your design with realistic data sets instead of Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
  • Real-time preview: see changes as you make them, in any modern browser and on any device.
  • Source code download and preview: download your app at any time, or just copy/paste a component's HTML, CSS or TypeScript code into your IDE.

The road ahead...

There are plenty of features that would make JitBlox even better. You might want to take a look at our roadmap to see what's ahead. Are you missing a particular feature that you think is important? Don't hesitate to leave a message or suggest a feature!

How can I support JitBlox?

Support the development of JitBlox by letting us know what you think, suggesting a feature or - even better - getting access to more features / helping us pay our bills and get a Pro Subscription.