About JitBlox

We'd like to provide a tool that helps developers and tech-savvy designers bootstrap modern web projects with minimal effort and frustration. A visual tool that lets them build working prototypes without coding, using design systems and frameworks that they are familiar with and avoiding vendor lock-in.

JitBlox is an online visual prototyping tool for modern, component-based web applications. It is dedicated to quickly building working prototypes that use popular fameworks like Angular and design systems like Material Design and Bootstrap, but it also has modeling features that are inevitable for the development of modern, model-driven apps. All without writing any code and with a real-time preview of the application.

Why JitBlox?

Building software is a creative process, often without a fixed plan. The use of prototypes helps developers, designers and business people communicate about requirements. According to a 2017 report from the Project Management Institute (PMI), 49% of software projects experience scope creep (changing requirements during the development process). Prototyping allows you to test ideas earlier, iterate more, and create better products.

JitBlox saves precious development time by offering an integrated prototyping environment that creates working, interactive prototypes. Prototypes built with JitBlox are a solid foundation for further implementation, with high quality source code and leveraging design systems and frameworks that developers are already familiar with.


  • An easy to use visual drag & drop designer with data binding support.
  • Create custom, reusable components without bothering about the technical details.
  • Integrates well-tested 3rd party components, providing safe configuration of every property and event.
  • Mock data editing: test your design with realistic data sets instead of Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
  • Real-time preview: see changes as you make them, in any modern browser and on any device.
  • Source code download and preview: download your app at any time, or just copy/paste a component's HTML, CSS or TypeScript code into your IDE.
JitBlox template editor redesign

People and history

My name is Maurice de Laat, founder and developer of JitBlox. I've always been a fan of model driven development and I love building tools that eliminate the repetitive and error prone work of writing boilerplate code.

I released JitBlox in November 2020, as a spin-off from Yellicode, my open source code generation engine, which I was - among others - using to generate Angular components from domain models. While that approach paid off in terms of development and refactoring time, I still felt that I was missing a UI that is dedicated to designing and scaffolding basic single-page applications. A UI to bootstrap a web project interactively, without even having to touch a code editor, browse API documentation or bother about stuff like - just to name a few - binding syntax, NgModule imports, route configuration, safe navigation operators and async pipes.

The road ahead...

There are plenty of features that would make JitBlox even better. You might want to take a look at our roadmap to see what's ahead. Are you missing a particular feature that you think is important? Don't hesitate to leave a message or suggest a feature!

How can I support JitBlox?

Support the development of JitBlox by letting us know what you think, suggesting a feature or - even better - getting access to more features / helping us pay our bills and get a Pro Subscription.