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JitBlox is an online visual designer for rapid development of modern web applications

Jump start your next project with a working prototype, rock solid source code and battle-tested UI components.


JitBlox creates component based Angular applications and ships with UI components from the popular Material Design library*, an easy to use drag and drop interface and a real-time preview. Read more....

* Bootstrap 5 integration coming soon, leave your e-mail below to stay informed!

Visual template designer

Design your UI using a simple drag and drop interface that supports data-binding, routing and structural logic.


Real-time preview

Your app is updated in real time. See the your changes as you make them, in any modern browser and on any device!


Download your app's full source

Download an app that just works. All source code is well organized and follows best practices.


Model-based prototyping

Easily define the data model that powers your model-driven application.


Create mock data

No need to wait for your backend to be up and running! Try your designs with your own realistic mock data.


Build custom components

Build a maintainable application by organizing it into reusable, custom components.


Material Forms with data-binding
Material Navigation
Material Tables
Material Stepper
Material Tabs - basic
Material Tabs and Navigation

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