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Frequently Asked questions

I downloaded my project's source code. How do I run it?

Extract the .zip file to a new directory and ensure that you have NPM installed on your machine. Then, open a command prompt in that directory and run npm install first (this may take a while). Next, run npm start.

My app's preview isn't loading/updating

In some rare occasions, the preview may not load correctly or isn't updated with changes you make in the designer. This can be caused by network hickups or by exceptions in the application. Please refer to the documentation for throubleshooting tips.

What Angular version does JitBlox target?

We are trying to keep the framework versions up-to-date and currently target Angular 17. We will automatically upgrade projects when new minor versions or patches arrive. When a new major version comes out, project owners will be offered the option to upgrade their project at any time.

Which Bootstrap library does JitBlox use?

JitBlox uses widgets from the ng-bootstrap library, a highly popular and quality widget library that is maintained by a team of open source developers.

Will JitBlox target other frameworks than Angular?

Absolutely! We have plans to support more frameworks. At this moment, Vue.js is on top of our list, but more frameworks may follow.

How do I set my project as private?

By default, any project that you create with the Free version of JitBlox has public visibility. As the owner of a project, you can set a project as private from the Project Privacy setting in the Settings panel. Note that a Pro subscription is required to make projects private. Any project you make with an active Pro subscription will be set to private by default.

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